I probably should have been a scientist or an accountant or something but fortunately for me an accidental 3 year stint within the advertising industry instilled an almost pathological terror of office life within me. Whilst travelling (read putting off real life) I did my PADI Open Water Course and in that moment discovered that I could potentially put off real life for the rest of my actual real life. Some 18 years on I am still avoiding real life whilst somehow also being a husband, father and, almost incredibly, a homeowner too.

As a child I loved role playing games, Warhammer 40K and graphic novels. Needless to say, I was not in the cool gang, however rolling different coloured dice to determine the outcome of a situation is remarkably similar to decompression planning and these are traits I believe have stood me in good stead for my current role as Dungeon Master, I mean Diving Instructor.

As an adult I have developed a snobbish love of craft beer and great coffee, little is more insulting to me than instant coffee or a choice between Fosters or Kronenbourg. I also love my wife and daughter very much, even when I’m making excuses as I sidle out of the door with all my dive kit on my way to ‘work’.

I am a very good diving instructor.

Why? Because despite having just spent the first couple of paragraphs talking about me (that is the page title after all) I make my diving courses all about you. That’s because I can still remember what it was like doing my IDC, I think I spent more time laughing than I have ever done before. I also remember my first deco dive and I remember what it felt like to come up from 100m for the first time. I felt absolutely on top of the world and I want you to feel the same way.

Add to that, I’m pretty chilled out and easy to get along with. I’m also not too shabby in the water either and will happily teach you as much as you want to know and I certainly won’t start losing the plot over your ‘horizontal trim’. Oh and my favourite piece of kit is the double-ended boltsnap, and by the end of your IDC, it will be yours too.

I’m looking forward to diving with you!

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