The Team

Alex Griffin is a Gold Course Director and technical trimix instructor. He has over 10 years of experience full time in the diving industry and over the years has worked in a number of dive centres including owning his own for 7 years. He now works full time as a Course Director and tec instructor for the London IDC and also for his tec diving school Helldivers. Alex likes wreck diving, sharks and all things retro. He is the technical ambassador for Bare drysuits and Atomic regulators and gets a lot of comic mileage out of insisting that his wife now refer to him as a ‘professional athlete’. Alex has a relaxed and friendly teaching style and loves to teach instructors. In his own words “There’re nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with a group of new instructor candidates, you’re in a room full of your peers and everyone is there for the same reason, to become an instructor because they love diving.”

Kristine Pitts

Kristine Pitts is a staff instructor and one of the key staffers on the London IDC. She and Alex have worked together for years and can usually communicate underwater by raising their eyebrows at each other. She’s based at Diving Leisure London and runs the Assistant Instructor Courses there.

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall is Master Instructor who has years of experience teaching in the UK. He’s friendly and passionate about teaching scuba. He’s based at Aquanaut Dive Centre in Kingston and runs the AI segment of the IDC.

Lynne Clafton

Lynne Clafton is a Master Instructor and owner of Aquanaut Dive Centre in Kingston. She’s a very experienced instructor and has worked full time in the industry for 10 years. Along with Steve Marshall she runs the AI parts of the IDC at Aquanaut.

mike green

Mike Green is a Staff Instructor and works full time in the dive industry, he’s a great instructor and a familiar face to many at the UK dive sites. He and Alex have worked together for a long time and he’s a regular help on the IDCs as well as running the AI portion of the course too.

mark bruce

Mark Bruce is a Master Instructor who works full-time at Wraysbury dive centre. He’s a hugely experienced instructor working year round training 100s of divers from beginner all the way through to technical diving too. He runs regular AI programs at Wraysbury and is always happy to advise and discuss the best methods to train divers in the UK.


Miro Milosev is a Staff Instructor who owns London Diving Centre in North London, he’s a passionate instructor who enjoys teaching a range of specialities. He is passionate about UK diving and teaching and regularly runs diving trips in the UK.

dan mills

Dan Mills is a Staff Instructor who works at Aquanaut dive centre. He’s an enthusiastic instructor who works year round running courses and diving in all conditions. He helps run the AI portion of the course at Aquanaut.

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