How to become a PADI Tec Deep Instructor

Have you ever considered going pro with your tec diving? The PADI Tec Deep Instructor program allows you to teach tec programs all the way up to PADI Tec 50. At the Londonidc we run regular Tec instructor programs with PADI Tec Instructor Trainer Alex Griffin, where you’ll get the opportunity to assist on real courses and gain experience too. There is also the Tec Instructor rating which allows you to teach the Tec 40 program and is a great entry point to technical instruction, read on to find out more of what’s involved:

Course and Application Pre-requisites:

To begin the Tec Instructor Program you need to be

  • Tec 45 or equivalent student level.
  • Be a PADI deep and nitrox speciality instructor
  • Have a 100 logged dives (20 nitrox, 25 deeper than 18m, 15 deeper than 30m).

To then qualify as a Tec Instructor you will need the following:

  • Have 20 staged deco dives (these don’t have to be met before starting the tec instructor program but do need to be met before putting in the application).

For Tec Deep Instructor you also need to have the following levels before starting the course:

  • Tec 50 or equivalent student level

Before putting in the application you also need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a PADI MSDT or higher
  • 270 logged dives with at least 25 staged deco dives below 40m
  • Have certified at least 10 nitrox and deep student level divers (can be a combination of both)

What’s involved:

The course takes 5 days to complete. It roughly breaks down as follows:

Day 1: Theory, kit set up

Day 2: 2 x Skills dives and practical applications

Day 3: Simulated deco dive and full deco dive

Day 4: Simulated deco dive and full deco dive

Day 5: ‘Mini Instructor Exam’

During the course you will go through the tec skill circuit, working on demoing key skills like shutdowns, NOTOX , gas sharing and SMB deployment. You’ll also complete practical exercises in planning technical diving using both manual planning and deco software. During the Mini IE you will be evaluated on several key skills and you will also teach a series of skills in a similar manner to the PADI IDC.

The Tec Instructor program takes 3-4 days to complete, following a similar outline


We can run the course anywhere we have access to deep enough water, in the UK, I tend to use Wraysbury, Vobster and NDAC. The course can be run as a stand alone course or run alongside existing student level tec courses although we need at least one day dedicated to the course for the mini IE.


The course costs £200 per day excluding the following

  • Course Materials: (currently approx £60)
  • Equipment hire
  • Gas fills
  • Applications to PADI
  • Dive centre costs or dive site entrances
  • Travel


I will be running a program in 2018 from the 6-10 June. For more details or to sign up, please let me know!

Why Become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor?

PADI IDC Staff Instructor is the last core recreational course before Course Director. It’s a real achievement to attain Staff Instructor so I thought I’d list three of the main reasons to push for the rating and also how to start:

1.Teaching IDCs.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor allows you to teach the Assistant Instructor part of the IDC. This is a great course to teach as it keeps you directly in touch with the standards and updates to the PADI system. It also makes you an invaluable member of the dive centre’s teaching staff as you can promote and aid the dive centre’s instructor development courses.

The London IDC has grown in success over the last couple of years and by becoming a Staff Instructor you can help to engage new candidates and also assist on the IDCs themselves. When we have lots of candidates, Staff Instructors are invaluable to the process. You won’t just be hanging about watching, you’ll be an integral part of the team, running teaching presentations and evaluating the candidates. I personally believe that helping run an IDC is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do as a diving instructor.

2.Master Instructor

After you attain Staff Instructor you’ll be able to begin working your way towards the Master Instructor rating. This relies on teaching AIs and also staffing IDCs. It’s not easy to attain and carries real kudos too.

3.Refreshing your skills.

Even if you’re not too fussed about teaching AI or Master Instructor many Staff candidates comment to me how useful they found sitting in on the IDC again without the pressure of the IE at the end. You’ll be able take everything in again as well as learn about new teaching methodologies. You’ll then be able to apply this to your everyday recreational courses. For example, we cover the neutral buoyancy recommendations for teaching all courses now including hints and tips for getting your students into trim and how to exercise control whilst neutrally buoyant.

What does the PADI Staff Instructor Course involve?

When should you think about staff? To start off, you’ll need to be a Master Scuba Diver Trainer which means having 25 certs and also 5 specialities. I did my Staff exactly one year after my OWSI and just after attaining MSDT.  There’s no great value in waiting until you have 100s of certs under your belt to do the course as, a bit like Advanced following on from Open Water, the information you’ll cover will be useful straight away.

The Staff course itself is fairly straightforward. We need to cover 4 short lectures and you’ll also need to repeat the exams scoring 80% instead of 75%. You’ll need to do a knowledge development presentation and also a confined water presentation scoring a minimum of 4 instead of 3.5 and 3.4. After that you’ll audit a full IDC learning how to evaluate the teaching presentations and matching scores with the Course Director. As such we can run the PADI IDC Staff Instructor course anytime we have an IDC running.

For more information have a look at the course page and also please do drop me a line!