Instructor Development Course


The Instructor Development Course or IDC is the full course comprising everything required to become a PADI diving instructor. An IDC covers 3 courses:

  • The Assistant Instructor Course.
  • The Open Water Instructor Course.
  • The Emergency First Response Instructor Course.


The course usually takes between 6-9 days depending on how it’s run. We normally run each component over separate long weekends. This minimises the amount of time you need to take off work.

What’s involved?

The idea of the IDC is to teach you how to teach the PADI system of diver education. You will have learned the basic skills and the foundation of dive theory in your divemaster course. The IDC teaches you how to teach that knowledge to student divers. To complete the IDC you’ll need to do the following:

  • Complete the full skill circuit of 24 basic scuba skills.
  • Deliver presentations on parts of  dive theory from the courses you’ll be qualified to teach.
  • Give teaching presentations in confined water working with simulated students.
  • Give teaching presentations in open water combining multiple skills with simulated students.
  • Give a demonstration of a complete rescue scenario.
  • Complete various workshops in the following areas: DSDs and Scuba Reviews, Adventures in Diving and Rescue and Marketing.
  • Attend presentations on key areas of being a dive professional from the structure of individual courses to risk management and the business of diving.

What’s the Cost?

The course price for the IDC is £1050. This is a saving of £100 across doing each individual course. Also if you sign up for the MSDT weekend at the same time then you will get the chance to complete another 3 specialities free of charge.

  • All training.
  • Pool access.
  • Equipment hire.

On top of the basic course price you will also need to factor in the following:

  • E-Learning: £125
  • Course Materials: Usually about £400(You must have copies of all the core course manuals so if you don’t have these you’ll need to factor this in too).
  • Instructor Examination Fee (payable to PADI): £516
  • Instructor Application (payable to PADI): £150
  • EFR Instructor application (payable to PADI): £92

Also not included in the course price:

  • Transport.
  • Dive site entrance.

In total, you will need to budget around £2500 to become a diving instructor. Please note that the fees payable to PADI and course materials are set globally. You won’t find any of these cheaper anywhere else in the world.


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