Open Water Scuba Instructor Course

The Open Water Scuba Instructor Course (OWSI) is the second main part of the IDC and must be conducted by a PADI Course Director.


The OWSI takes between 3-5 days to complete.

What’s Involved?

The OWSI introduces individual courses and how to teach them as well as elevating the teaching presentations you learned to put together in the AI Course. You will need to complete the following course components:

  • Complete the full skill circuit of 24 basic scuba skills.
  • Deliver presentations on parts of  dive theory from the courses you’ll be qualified to teach.
  • Give teaching presentations in confined water working with simulated students.
  • Give teaching presentations in open water combining multiple skills with simulated students.
  • Give a demonstration of a complete rescue scenario.
  • Complete various workshops in the following areas: DSDs and Scuba Reviews, Adventures in Diving and Rescue and Marketing.
  • Attend presentations on key areas of being a dive professional from the structure of individual courses to risk management and the business of diving.


The OWSI cost £495. This includes all training, pool access and equipment hire. It doesn’t include the following:

  • Course materials (although you should have these from the AI).
  • The Instructor Examination.
  • Transport and dive site entrance.
  • Instructor membership to PADI.