Speciality Instructor Training

Speciality Instructor training, sometimes called Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep is individual training in different instructor specialities. This will make you a more rounded and employable instructor as well as getting you set up to qualify for Master Scuba Diver Trainer as you require 5 specialities to qualify for this rating.

The following is a list of Specialities that can be arranged through the London IDC:

  • Deep
  • Wreck
  • Drysuit
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Search and Recovery
  • SMB
  • Oxygen Provider
  • Equipment
  • Boat
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Night
  • Sidemount (special parameters apply*)


Most Specialities can be completed in a day. As a general rule, specialities that require 4 training dives at student level require 2 at instructor level and 2 require 1. Please note that as professional PADI instructors we are limited to conducting 3 training dives in a day therefore it is difficult to complete much more than 6 specialities in a weekend (depending on the specialities chosen). Please be aware of instructors offering more than this as they may be breaching standards.

What’s Involved?

To qualify for each speciality you must complete a knowledge development presentation, demonstrate understanding of all the key standards and knowledge reviews. You must complete an in-water teaching presentation and demonstrate proficiency in each skill.


This is speciality dependent, most new instructors opt for a UK Speciality instructor weekend. However as a general rule most 1 dive specialities cost £100 and 2 dives cost £200. Please also note that for one on one training we will do a minimum of 2 specialities in a given day.

*Sidemount requires a student level qualification. The Instructor speciality alone costs £300 whilst to combine Instructor and Student level costs £600.

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