PADI Instructor Development Courses 2018

This year join PADI Course Director and Tec IT Alex Griffin for a fun, modern and progressive instructor development course! Alex is one of the most active and qualified CDs in the UK and is responsible for much of the PADI instructor development in the greater London area.

On the course you’ll learn the following amongst many other things:

  • Use PADI teaching techniques in a low stress style to get the best from your students.
  • How to work with your students in neutral buoyancy and how to apply it to real world situations using a ‘tecreational approach’
  • You’ll get the chance to incorporate instructor specialities into the IDC itself and learn how to do the same with your students.
  • Most importantly how to have fun whilst teaching as nobody goes diving to have a bad time!

In addition to a standard IDC Alex offers an equipment and buoyancy precision diving techniques workshop as a free bonus. This course covers advanced buoyancy and streamlining techniques as well as information on how to pass these techniques onto your students. Also upon completion of the course you’ll also be able to complete a special self-reliant instructor course that will teach you how to use and handle redundant gas, a great skill for all dive pros to have particularly when guiding deeper diving.


Wraysbury, UK: 5-8 and 19-22 Apr
Wraysbury, UK: 14-17 Jun and 28 Jun-1 Jul
Divecrew, UK: 9-12,18,19 and 25,26 Aug
Scubawild, Gozo 1-8 Nov



Wraysbury Dive Centre.

By being based at one of the busiest inland dive sites in the UK, we have onsite access to both open and confined water. Plenty of parking and on site gas fills, changing rooms, parking etc. As a result we can offer more in water time than just about any other IDC in the UK!

Scubawild, Gozo,

Based in Marsalforn bay, the IDC takes place in conjunction with Scuba Wild and Gozo Aquasports. Over 8 days you complete an in-depth IDC along with optional instructor specialities. For more details of our overseas IDC see here

Pre-requisites, course materials and recommended kit:

See here

Course Schedule:

The following is sample schedule for a typical IDC and may be subject to some minor changes.

  • Day 1: Course orientation, equipment workshop, buoyancy workshop
  • Day 2: Knowledge Development workshop and confined water skill circuit
  • Day 3: Confined water teaching presentations
  • Day 4: Open Water teaching presentations
  • Day 5: Emergency First Response Instructor Course
  • Day 6: Confined Water teaching presentations and Rescue Workshop
  • Day 7: Classroom Presentations
  • Day 8: Open water workshops

IDC (AI and OWSI): £850

Full IDC (AI OWSI, EFRI and MSDT specs): £1050

Pro IDC (AI, OWSI, EFRI and 5 MSDT Specs): £1500

Self Reliant instructor: £200

All courses also include a free precision diving speciality course.