Instructor Development Course Pre-requisites and Recommended Kit List

Here’s a bit of information about what’s required and what you need to bring to your IDC!


  • PADI Divemaster or equivalent
  • 100 Logged Dives
  • Current in date fit to dive medical
  • EFR training within last 2 years (or can incorporate into the Instructor Program)

Required PADI Materials:

  • IDC Crewpack
  • EFR Instructor Manual
  • Student Level materials (special available on digital products)
  • A laptop and or tablet. Please ensure you have downloaded the PADI app and the PADI Library App.
  • Please ensure you can log into the PADI Pros site and that you have downloaded the most up to date version of the Instructor Manual
  • Not required but highly recommended: Complete the PADI Dive Theory e-learning module.

Required Kit (All kit must be serviced and in good working order)

  • Regulator including primary and octopus on 100cm hose with SPG or transmitter and LP feeds for BCD and drysuit if required. Long hose set up with necklaced backup is also fine.
  • BCD or Wing system. If using a wing system there should be some form of break in the harness that allows you to remove and replace it easily.
  • Dive Computer
  • Mask and Snorkel. The snorkel does not have to be worn but must be easily attached to the mask when required.
  • Adequate exposure protection. Whilst shorties are fine, full suits are much more preferable even for confined water work as they assist in hovering in horizontal trim. Also for working in ‘confined open water’ shorties rarely provide enough warmth. A drysuit is the best bet for open water and preferably should have at least one pocket.
  • Boots and fins. I won’t cry if you turn up in split fins but my bottom lip will probably tremble.
  • Red SMB and spool/reel. My recommendation is a finger reel and oral inflation SMB
  • A simple clip for attaching slates to the harness. I recommend a stainless-steel double-ended bolt-snap (this will become clear on the course)! Please try to steer clear of curly lanyards and retractors as they do have a tendency to get tangled.
  • A Pocket Mask
  • A slate and pencil, wetnotes are a definite plus
  • A compass
  • Spares: Mask, fin straps, mouthpieces, bungee and cable ties!

For any help or advice on the above please do contact me so I can point you in the right direction!