How’s it work?

The premise of the London IDC is very simple: We bring candidates from different dive centres together to create a series of regular well attended IDCs.

We work with a number of dive centres: We get together, agree dates and then jointly market the IDC. The IDC then runs over those dates with some candidates from all or some of the dive centres using all the facilities that those dive centres have available from classrooms, to pool time and equipment.

Why do we do this? The answer is because it makes more sense for everyone involved. The London IDC was started by Course Director Alex Griffin when he saw the difficulties of running and scheduling IDCs within his own dive centre:

“Many dive centres don’t always have enough candidates, available at the same time, to justify the expense of bringing in a Course Director to run it. The result is constant rescheduling and poorly attended IDCs.”

From a candidates perspective this is no good as it’s good to have other candidates and staff instructors to work with and you also want to be able to commit to dates well in advance.

By bringing together top quality 5 star IDC PADI Dive centres to pool their candidates, the London IDC can offer a series of fixed dates through the year with access to all the facilities that these dive centres have to offer.

As a result everyone wins. You, the IDC candidate, gets a range of flexible dates to commit to and a well attended course. The dive centre wins by being able to confidently market the program without fear of losing money.


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